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Sfekke22 Admin
Sfekke22 about 1 year ago
Where's the graffiti? I'm 'bout to tag a biach >:)
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Hey y'all!

It's been a good little while since the last update so I thought that it was about time.
Server upgrades have been going quite smoothly with no real changes to report.

What is worth mentioning is that our new spawn is slowly being completed!
Some of you already visited it & even utilized the new shop!

Over time more & more buildings are being added to really give it that friendly/cozy feeling we are after.
Due to me being busy or putting my focus on other things I enjoy this takes time.. a lot of it. Blame the joy that is motorcycles..

You can already visit using /warp newspawn

At last some pictures of the most recent additions :

Tree Of Life

Bakery Inside

New House

New House #2

Greenhouse #1

Greenhouse #2

Hopefully 'till next time on MGC! Stay safe y'all & lot's of love


- Sfekke ♥️

New Spawn about 1 month ago



I'm sure everyone would like some updates, luckily 1.19 has been live for over 3 weeks now! ☺️
We've made some changes to make playing together easier, mainly an easier overview of where everyone is.

In chat you can now see an extra prefix before everyone's name clearly signaling which gamemode they are playing:


Even in the playerlist/tablist now shows you in which gamemode everyone is :

I'm hoping this makes it a little easier to know where everyone is 😇


A new interface to access our online maps has also been implemented, it's a little fancier than being thrown into BlueMap right away & gave us the ability to keep our old Dynmap around. It still performs better on low-end computers so is a mighty fine alternative.



At last .. some pictures taken at the new spawn! 🎉
You're already able to visit it by typing /warp newspawn & access all of the new terrain generated by 1.18/1.19 far away from any old chunks.


Hoping to see you all on MGC soon & take care ☺️


- Sfekke

1.19 Update Status 8 months ago

Simply can't get over his absolute smugness riding this chopper 🤣


Sims Stories & Screenshots - SSS 8 months ago

Hey y'all!

You're probably wondering when we're updating to 1.19?
From what I've tested so far it's going to be a pretty smooth updated with no major chances (besides the ones by Mojang of course).
If all goes well expect it in the next few weeks ;)

While you wait for the server to update I recommend you look at our new BlueMap World Map!
Other worlds will soon become available as well.


See you soon on MGC :)

1.19 Update Status 9 months ago

Oliver lighting himself on fire.. in his swim-trunks nonetheless .. 😅

Oliver in heat c:

Sims Stories & Screenshots - SSS about 1 year ago